Motiv8's History, Origin and Conception

Motiv8 is by all purposed and definition a internet courier trading team.  Throughout their existance they have also released at games and utilities for pure fun and enjoyment.

The name Motiv8 was born in early 1991 in the Comodore 64 Scene as a Demo/Release group.  The original C64 group can still be found today, both on the web and on IRC.

In 1994, lead by Mason and Xerox, both C64 members, split off to create the Motiv8 PC Section. The group became famous as a internet couriering team trading on anonymous sites.  As the proliferation of software to the masses became more rampant in early 1995, Motiv8 moved to private ftp sites.

On February 1998, concern, emotions and fire spread quickly through the group as Mason decided to retire and disband the organization.   Out of the ashes on June 29, 1998  Motiv8 was reborn, the leadership consisting of Dogan and Highlandr.

Many begin their career as a Motiv8 net trader.  There are countless legends and stories to talk about, but we'll talk about that later.   Check out the M8 Pantheon, Newsletter Archive and the NFO archive for more historical information.

The Legend of MOTiV8 will continue...

NFO Archive
Newsletter Archive
1998 M8 Roster



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