ABOUT MOTiV8
Q.- MOTiV8 is a courier or a release group?
A.- Motiv8 is a courier group however we released in the past many utilities
    and games for fun, but right now we're only a courier group.

Q.- Where is Mason?, i have not seen him around lately.
A.- Mason is just the founder of MOTiV8.  The group is runned
    by the Council and Senior Coordinators.

Q.- I need the email address of some courier of motiv8, to contact him.
A.- For security and privacy issues we do not post members email's here.
    However, contact information is posted on our web site.

Q.- Can i get leech accounts?
A.- As a general rule, we do not give out leech accounts.  You most upload and
    work hard to get credits on the sites..


Q.- I have a friend who is a very good courier and wants to join motiv8,
    who can i contact so my friend, gets in trial?
A.- Then tell your friend to msg the senior staff assigned to
    handle the trial couriers, they will interview
    your friend so maybe he can be a trial courier for motiv8.


Q.- I'm a Courier of motiv8, in what other things can i help motiv8?
A.- You can help MOTiV8 a lot, if you can get us quality couriers or good
    sites or you know a siteop of a top site and tell us the information
    of that site.
Q.- How can i improve my couriering?
A.- You need to be dedicated, watching out all the sites and looking for
    new releases uploaded to the sites that you're in and then when someone
    starts to upload something new you need to be fast with fxp or proxy
    to upload the disks uploaded to other sites very fast. You can
    courier like 3-4 hours per day. Be sure to check the channel
    #releases so you can see the latest releases who are getting out.
    You most use FXP or Proxy to upload from one site to another more
    Also you can improve your couriering by joining a release group,
    in that way you can get the pre-releases, there are many release
    groups who keep their channels open to the public, like #paradigm,
    #masque, #shock, #x-force you can join the channel and ask for an app or
    you can talk with a council of that release group to join them. You can
    also improve your couriering by getting added to other more faster sites
    but keep in your mind, that even if you're in the fastest
    sites around, if you are not dedicated and hard working you will 
    never be a good courier.
    Of course one of the best ways to improve your couriering is to ask
    other couriers/senior couriers of motiv8, about how they upload
    so much on the sites, maybe you can chat with them and you can learn
    from them tips/hints of how you can improve your couriering.
Q.- I just got deleted from one site, what can i do?
A.- Be careful, never upload dupes, chinese or foreign shit or upload
    releases who are of some release groups who are banned like skl, rtn.
    You should always read the rules of the site. If you fail to do this
    the siteop of the site maybe will delete you from the site if you
    continue to upload crap.
    Also one thing, if you upload some foreign or some stuff that you
    know that is going to be nuked and you just noticed that, never try
    to delete yourself the crap that you uploaded by mistake to the site,
    if you do that, the siteop will delete you from the site, so beware.
    So let the siteop nuke your bad upload instead of you.. its better
    to lose some credits instead of getting deleted from a site.

Q.- I'm uploading like crazy to the sites while other couriers are not
    doing anything.
A.- We are going to watch all our couriers, and if we see some couriers
    who never upload or get a weektop on any site, then those lazy couriers
    will be kicked out of the group, (note: that this is the universal rule
    of the scene, everybody most work so they can keep their membership on
    the group alive)
Q.- I'm desperate, i need more credits on other site to support another
    one more better.
A.- We can give free credits, but only to the couriers who are going to
    be dedicated and hard working.

Q.- Can i join another courier group and be in MOTiV8 at the same time
    while i'm couriering for the other group?
A.- No you can't, the policy of Motiv8 and the scene is that you can be in
    only ONE courier group(MOTiV8), of course you can join as many
    release groups as you can. 
Q.- Someone just asked me for Ident@ips, what is that?
A.- Ident@ips are usually used for security in many of the best sites.
    The Ident@ips is the login of your account or the ident that you
    use on the irc, for example if you have the login = joe@206.48.111.*
    then joe is the ident@ - 206.48.111.* are the ips..
    ident = login = username on the irc.

Q.- I heard about #m8leech, does motiv8 still run it?
A.- #m8leech was dropped by motiv8 2 years ago, it is now run by some
    lamers who are not in MOTiV8, we don't support it, we dont do any kind
    of irc couriering, because we think that is very lame.
Q.- Some member just anoyed me, he bitch me every time i join the motiv8
    channel, what do i do?
A.- We're like a family, our primary concern is that everybody stays
    happy in the group, if someone is anoying you, then talk with
    a council of motiv8 so we can talk with that person who is anoying you,
    and fix the problem.


Q.- When are the group meetings usually?
A.- We dont have an exact dates for the meetings, we're going to post
    in the motiv8 channel the exact time for them. So stay tuned.
Q.- What is discussed on the meetings?
A.- We're going to discuss the things that we acomplished so far, how the
    couriers are working, new sites and many other topics..
Q.- I'm not in the NFO, who can i contact to get added to it?
A.- Send a email to senior@motiv8.org

Q.- Is there any way that MOTiV8 can get me as member of any release group?
A.- Maybe in the future, but right now if you want to be in a release group
    you most join their channel like #paradigm, #masque, #shock and ask
    them for an app maybe if they're looking for an experienced courier
    they will accept you.
Q.- I'm in a release group and i just got a pre-release.
A.- You can help us a lot, if you can upload that pre-release first on the
    Motiv8 WHQ, so other couriers of motiv8 can upload it fast to other
    sites before anybody.


last updated 1/3/98
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